Taliban warns the US, EU to eliminate sanctions

Taliban warns the US, EU to eliminate sanctions
Taliban warns the US, EU to eliminate sanctions

The new Afghan Taliban’s government warned the United State and European envoys that continue the attempts to pressurize them over different sanctions will weaken security.
While talking to Western diplomats at Doha acting Foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said that” weakening the Afghan government will not strengthen anyone, but it’s a threat to the global security and economic migrations from the country”.
The Taliban defeated the former Afghanistan US-backed government in August after a two-decades-long war, and declare the Islamic emirate governed under Islamic laws.
Efforts for stabilization of the country was still attacked by Islamic State group to blame Afghan Taliban in the region, banks are consecutively running out of cash and the government’s servants are going unpaid.
According to the statement from his spokesman, Muttaqi told the Doha meeting: “We urge world countries to end existing sanctions and let banks operate normally so that charity groups, organizations and the government can pay salaries to their staff with their reserves and international financial assistance.”


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