Nawaz Sharif Returns: A New Chapter in Pakistani Politics


Party members are prepared for his reception as they are awaiting his return, Nawaz Sharif the leader of the PML-N, is finally scheduled to return to Pakistan the next month october after living in self-exile in London for the past four years.

It will be a comfort to his party’s second-tier leadership, who has spent the past year making far too many journeys to London to seek Mr. Sharif’s guidance on a number of problems, that he is now prepared to return to the nation and interact with his party and supporters face to face. The PML-N was believed to be terrified of elections for many months after the PDM administration took office because of how much political capital it had lost during Mr. Sharif’s protracted absence and subsequently because of the PDM’s failure to provide relief to the populace.

Even if Mr. Sharif’s major adversary has temporarily left the political scene, the PML-N’s battered support is still an issue. It is unclear how he can inspire his party and win over people, but his party appears to believe that the ‘Nawaz Sharif effect’ will have some beneficial effects on its own.

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According to the sources of all preparations are complete to his welcome.

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