Law is the Mistress of Powerful

Law is the Mistress of Powerful
Law is the Mistress of Powerful

A world without laws is like a human without a heart or a brain. Without rules, we would never be able to operate correctly. Without laws, we would never be able to live peacefully. Without laws, we would neither have freedom of speech nor would we have the right to vote. In the past few years, men and women worldwide have fought for their legal rights. Some people opposed the patriarchy, while some people fought the Government. Without moral laws, there would be no rules and regulations regarding traffic and human behavior. Without laws, we would not have been living a peaceful life as we are doing now. Like a steel stand holding unto something substantial, the rules have saved the world just like that. People who make the laws are some of the wisest, most intelligent ones. Yet, we dare to judge them based on what we see.

But now, thanks to our leaders from the past, we can live a tranquil life. We are content that we would not be shot the moment we step out because of the colour of our skin, the language we speak, or our religion. However, in some parts of the world, some people are still being shot because of their ethnicity. Laws are being implemented in various fields, but sometimes, the law lies too. It asks for proof from the victims of rape, but there is no significant proof. How can people prove harassment? How can women prove verbal abuse when they seek separation from their husbands? Women in the past have fought so hard, just as women of today can do all of those things they could not. Decades ago, women were not able to work. They were neither given fundamental rights to vote nor given a reason to leave a toxic marriage. It was all because they were female. Still today, some women suffer from being given equal pay to their male counterparts. They are not granted maternity leave, and a pregnant woman is not given a job because they believe that she might leave the job once she gets her due date. Fifty percent of women still suffer from workplace harassment. Some women might leave, while some women might suffer because they need the money.

Sometimes the laws seem to be against humanity and minorities, but it is good to know that this negativity has not always been the constant truth of this world. There are still some ethical aspects of the laws of today as well. However, some countries fail to apply that as well. For example, in the USA, women are given a pension from the Government if they wish to leave their abusive husbands. But if we look at the same rule in a different country, we might not find it. There is no doubt that our history is filled with prejudice, discrimination, authoritarianism, and conflict. But there are a few countries in the world, that despite their horrendous biases in the past, managed to live peacefully with laws that have strict punishments if violated. Nonviolence and peace have always led to successful revolutions for change. In the past, innumerable peacemakers have dedicated their entire lives fighting for peace and justice and against abuse, violence, and terror. They risked their lives to establish peace and resolve conflict. Some of these peacemakers are; Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Gautama Buddha, Benazir Bhutto, etc. These people fought for the equality of education, gender, and justice for the minorities of a state or a country. And no matter how much we thank them for the sacrifices they made and the risks they took, it wouldn’t be enough.

Let us imagine a world with no law, no justice, and no rule against a perpetrator. Suppose a person does something horrible, like stealing a valuable item, killing a person, or damaging someone’s property. Suppose he is not punished for it. But everyone knows he is a criminal. And a world without law, how would people be able to survive? The world would be chaos. When the code is not present in a nation or a society, it leads to a higher crime rate, and people would think that whatever they are doing is right. That is why, in the early 1800s, when there were no rules for the rights of women and African American people, everyone suffered, and the ones who oppressed them thought what they were doing was nothing but exemplary. Laws are potent because they help a person to become disciplined and treat everyone well.

For a society to grow and evolve, having strong laws is crucial and essential. Law helps guide people towards the path of joy and peace without causing any violence, crime, war, or bloodshed along the way. Furthermore, it helps a person restrain himself from his immense hunger for wealth by doing illegal activities. However, if we look at the world from a broader perspective that even while having strong laws, several illicit activities are going on that are done by children below the age of eighteen, too, surprisingly. Law helps a victimized person to get the justice that he deserves. It allows him to get revenge on the one who has hurt him or his loved ones physically since no one talks about emotional pain. That is why there are strict rules against murder charges. Taking a life is not a joke.

With the development of society and the world at large, the law is the only thing keeping everything intact. It is the only thing needed for one’s survival. It is required to prevent human beings from going against each other and murdering them for the sake of their pleasure. Law gives the people what they deserve, their equal share of the property or a significant amount of money. If a person has done something immoral, he cannot run away from the eyes of the law because people might ignore it. But the code is something that will not leave any stone unturned. Even if it might take them a few years to look into the case, every person will have to pay for their wrongdoings with concrete proof. 

No matter how much people might argue that a specific law is not correct, they do not possess the wisdom or knowledge to know better about the requirements being made. In short, rules help a person survive in this cruel and harsh world where no one takes care of each other. Not only that, but all the social barriers are also broken down with the help of the law, such as the dowry system, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and so on. Only with the support of these robust laws, we can thrive. Only with the help of these strong laws, we can survive. Hence, it is necessary to be maintained in society.



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