Women even children and transgender face abuse.


mehak cheema

A nerve wrenching incident of rape of a woman taking place yesterday manifests the human biological wickedness, brutal patriarchy, and immorality in society.  How much more can these eyes endure? Can this heart bear?

Is it justified to say that in the last forty-eight hours, a five-year-old Marwah brutally burned to death in Karachi, a woman gang-raped in front of her innocent children on a Motorway, transgender activist Gul Panra shot dead in Peshawar?  Is this what Islam teaches regarding respect for women? Not children, not mothers are saved.

I am terrified of going for jogging alone in the morning, traveling on a bus, or even if it’s shopping in a mall. My pride and courage in being a woman have been wounded. Is this because of the weak implementation of laws?

The ones who fearlessly raped a woman in front of her children were not terrorists or dacoits. This is a mentality, a mindset. There should be no mercy shown to rapists for committing this heinous crime. They not only ruthlessly snatched the woman’s dignity, pride, and honor but also have made her children suffer the shrieks of their mother every night. They not only killed their innocence but given them a demo of human barbarism by not only raping their mother but also beating her arms and legs with a stick. I am terrified of how they take revenge from this society after being grown-up. It is the immediate need of the time to give heed to the mental stability of those unfortunate children bearing this mishap.

The government should take immediate measures against the commitment of these heinous crimes. Organize awareness-raising programs, bring reforms in media platforms, ban sharing of vulgar stuff as funny, and should reform the education system to change the mentality of individuals.

Mehak Cheema

The writer is a Researcher/ content writer and previously worked as a Field Monitor.



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