Loya Jirga & Peace Deal

Loya Jirga & Peace Deal
Loya Jirga & Peace Deal


The peace deal between the Taliban’s and the US took place in Doha, Qatar this year. America revealed clear intentions of exiting the war tore country at the earliest. However, this plan, though welcomed by the Afghans citizens, has left many holes unfilled and many queries unanswered. As per the deal, all Taliban prisoners were released by the Afghan Government except 400 hardcore captives.

The incumbent Afghan Government and the Afghans militants had not been truly on the same page after the February talk despite the release of the prisoners. Meanwhile, Dr Abdullah Abdullah played a pivot role of giving a call for Loya Jirga (Grand Gathering) deciding the fate of the remaining 400 captives involved in egregious crimes.

The Jirga, including 720 women, consisted of 3200 high influentials across the country, having different backgrounds and experiences. After three days long meetings and sittings, the fate of the Taliban’s were announced declaring the release of the 400 Taliban’s throwing the ball into Taliban’s court. This announcement resulted in the construction of a bridge between the two sides. By default, it should have been the US bringing the mentioned opponents on the same table immediately after the deal in the 2nd month of 2020 but, she failed to prove her hegemony and as a result, left many issues unresolved hitherto. The point shall be noted that the decision did not receive warm responses throughout the country. The citizens of the northern region, in particular, showed concerns after the Jirga results. Albeit, the women were part of the Jirga. Yet, a large number showed reluctance on this kind of deal with the militants- keeping in view the Taliban’s control of the country back in ninety’s- foreseeing the hurdles in the way of getting access to education easily.

To many this, declaration announced after several sittings in the Jirga might seem unorthodox and an undemocratic way. On the other side, historically extremely serious and sensitive steps and announcements, which the Parliament of the country could not decide, took place here. After the request of Pakistan to resolve the Durand line dispute, Afghanistan President indicated the Loya Jirga to be the only panacea which shall include afghan residents on both sides of the line, clearly indicating that Parliament was not able to decide lonely. From the historical point of view, it is vivid and considerable that Ahmed Shah Baba was chosen in Loya Jirga to become the head of the state. Likewise, it was again Loya Jirga appointing Hamid Karzai as president (for the first term) then. The fact cannot be denied as Loya Jirga is another format of democracy highly practised in the past by the ancestors and their progenies.

The Trump-led Government was in a quick mode of exiting the Afghan land to score points and grab citizens favour in the upcoming November elections. The dialogue window which seemed opened temporarily has been utilized diligently by the Afghan leaders in general and Dr, Abdullah Abdullah in particular. During the whole scenario, the Taliban were reluctant to have a dialogue with the Afghan Government even after the Doha deal indicating even major troubles on the left of the US. In this regard, Pakistan did play positive and constructive roles vis-a-vis Taliban agreeing to have sat with the officeholders because peace in Afghanistan is peace in Pakistan and vice versa.

Dawood Khan

young writer


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