Post-Deal of Afghan Taliban

Post-Deal of Afghan Taliban
Post-Deal of Afghan Taliban

Has the deal put a full stop to the never-ending wars in Afghanistan? Will it result in the beginning of a new era? Will the citizens begin the long-awaited joyous lives? Will women have equal opportunities in life in general and education in particular? These are a few, out of many, questions that arise in everyone’s mind post the deal. The story is solely controlled by the incumbent Government vis-à-vis the Taliban commanders. Similarly, the role of neighboring countries in this scenario cannot be defied.

The US Taliban deal taking place on 29th February this year in Doha, Qatar, has answered many queries, notwithstanding the arising of new questions that are more important. The recent queries are related to Afghan citizens’ fate and the de-facto government of the Taliban after the Soviet expulsion from the territory. Headed by the Taliban, only three countries, including Pakistan, recognized the then Taliban government. There were certain debatable terms and steps in the past that can be linked to the Taliban’s post-deal behavior with the Government and locals. One fact is undeniable when the Taliban were reluctant to join the table with Afghanistan Government even after the deal in Doha was completed. However, with Pakistan’s constant undeniable role, both sides sat on the table a month ago, albeit this sitting was supposed to have taken place immediately after Qatar’s agreement.

Even though the US has not left entirely, the Taliban’s growing concerns over the current democratic government hint at something odious. Few examples, in this case, will clarify the point.

First, who will lead the Government in Afghanistan after the US exits completely- US or Taliban. One thing may be very clearly fixed in the mind boxes that the solution is in mutual consent if and only if the Taliban’s spread forward the arms of peace and talks. The world as in the past will not be accepting the type of Government the Taliban had in the nineties. Similarly, it is noticeable to pre-plan all the agendas before the US leaves.

Secondly, once both sides get ready to collaborate mutually, the female education will be of the most serious version. The universal fact of the role of women education is of high value. The country has faced the brunt in the past and can no more repeat the unwanted game and its consequences. Resultantly, the notions of the opponent viewers shall be solved through dialogues. The midway approach shall be adopted, leaving no stone unturned in cracking the path of education for the female commonly in any way.

In the same fashion, the two confusions (beginning of a new era and long-awaited happy lives) are truly proportional to the above point. Once both sides agree on the highlighted topic, many minor disagreements will be converted into agreements independently.

Now, coming to the role of neighboring countries. Pakistan has been playing an exquisite role since day one. Since peace in Afghanistan is peace in Pakistan and vice versa, the incumbent Prime Minister has often reiterated Pakistan’s thoughts on the very matter. However, it is obvious that the game is not over, and the acclaiming role of the country, having more than two thousand kilometers, shall not end till the journey gets on the smooth track.

To make a long story short, the ball is in the court of the Taliban’s commanders in Afghanistan, the incumbent Government in the country, and the Taliban’s signing the deal papers. All the participants shall be on one page and form a democratic type of Government that is acceptable to the world, resulting in warm relations for a prosperous Afghanistan and a happy region. Otherwise, the scene will be even more destructive.

Dawood Khan Tareen


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