I have been thinking and talking about this for very long and I was always told by people that I’m too young to talk about this and shouldn’t bother myself with stuffing my mind with such things. The question comes, if not me, then who? If not us, then who?

Obviously, we are Muslims and we have to think and do take some actions to resolve the issues of the Muslim world contemporary. The dignity of Muslims in the world and the harmony of Muslims in between themselves have been declining day by day. Muslims who used to be very great people in the field of science, culture, technology, used and used to flourish and thrive day by day are now at the mercy of invaders in the Middle East and Afghanistan. The ranks are broken, love has faded, cultures have been destroyed and the mutual brotherhood between the Muslim countries is no longer on the basis of Islamic bond but merely on the basis of mutual interests and we can’t disagree to such changes as the world is growing more rational, interests centered.

Talked of mutual interests and that is quite fine to some extent but there is something venomous that is biting the Muslims day by day and we as silent spectators are doing nothing about it or even against the originator of this venom. This venom is sectarianism. Yes! Sectarianism has contributed destructively to the decline of the Muslim world than can any of the other factors contribute. Muslims were cool and were flourishing day by day till the day when they started hating and fighting each other on the basis of sects. Look, let for suppose there are two brothers, they do-good studies, they do good business together but suddenly they start fighting each other on some issues and divide. Will it be beneficial for them? No! It will eventually erase them from the pages of history. Muslims have already done that to a major record in the Middle East and are doing it in the other parts of the world where the Shiite and Sunni Muslims are living together.

The majority of Muslim scholars are adding insult to the injury by doing speeches of hatred against each other on the Minbar while they also do have the option of doing speeches of brotherhood, love, harmony, etc. As a consequence of those speeches, the hatred increases, and both the sectarian groups go against each other to extents even as dangerous as armed militants fights. The Saudis are day by day trying to strengthen their so-called Sunni block while Iran is day by day trying to strengthen their so-called Shia block while these can rather sit on the tables of brotherhood and start cooperating with each other as Muslim brothers and start being serious about the destructive aftermaths of the war that have been played with Muslim heads by Muslim politicians.

Countries like the USA, Israel, and some countries of Europe take a keen interest in the destruction of the Muslim world in any of the way they can help and they might be the financers of these so-called pseudo-scholars who do not speak the real Islam of brotherhood but their mere focus is the divide and weakening of Muslims. There used to be a person who told me that there used to be an English friend of mine in Great Britain. He once asked me that you have been living in Great Britain for a long but tell me have you seen all of it? All of it? All of its places? The person said that without a second of thought, I replied that, “yeah I have had and I have the map kind of tattooed all over my mind.”The English man replied, ‘Be ready mister, we are going to someplace this Sunday and I bet you won’t have seen that place but the thing is that you won’t ask me that where we going and what are is this place we have come to.’ The person said that I agreed to the terms and we left for the place on Sunday. We were going, going and going just like the poet exclaimed in the poetry of “Going Going Ghan”. We reached the place and I was mesmerized at the sight of a beautiful madrassah with thousands of young beautiful boys studying Islam in the very proper way. I asked the English friend, ‘what is this friend?’ He answered, “We agreed on some terms, right?” I kept quiet for the rest of the time and didn’t ask him anything. Upon coming back to the place, the English guy asked me, “Ok my friend, you good to know about everything?” and my reply was, “hell, yeah.” He (the English guy) started explaining, “Ok, first of all, none of the scholars were Muslims but they were taught Islam and Quran in the best possible manner because they were to be sent to Muslim world soon and there they will preach against each sect and they’ll lead you people in sectarian wars.” The person was left bamboozled and in shock that this is the level of planning and strategy these people are doing against the Muslims and Muslims are easily trapped in it.

Islam purely based on the concept of Ummah and not nationalities did great in the Muslim world but as the modernism took place, the concept of nationalities and borders in the countries took birth, and the Muslim world as the rest of it got separated like the rest of the world on the basis of nationalities. Yet alone the Arabs got divided into several countries on the basis of a little bit of difference of dialects and rulers. This weakened the Muslim states and now they were to more focus on the interests of their respective countries rather than the interests of the whole Muslim Ummah. In many times in history, as history is a witness itself, the Muslim states had fought each other and damaged each other to a greater extent by going to war with each other. These wars were purely fought on either sectarian differences or on political or national differences yet the people from both sides were Muslims and Muslim blood got shed and Muslim flesh got butchered.
keen interest in writing and matter to the world with his pen.


  1. No doubt you have enlightened some of the facts and these should be given some work in order to make ourselves better in terms of our nation and Ummah❤


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