Cellphone Uses & Abuses

Cellphones: Uses & Abuses
Cellphones: Uses & Abuses

How was the world half a century ago? Were the people able to communicate with each other as they are doing today? Did the people have a pocket-size gadget that was an all-time companion? All the cited questions have answers in negative. A Cell phone is no doubt a cell from which no one can get out and become free. This device did connect distant people, however, it has created a lengthy distance between the near ones. Terming mobile phones as the anti-social electrical device had better not be wrong. Although, there are numerous advantages of a cell phone, however, there are equally dangerous uses that are affecting our social norms.

The foremost use of a cell phone is that it facilitates a person at the north pole to talk to a friend at the south pole. A man of the UK can get in touch with the people of the continent of Africa. Likewise, it does not take more than a moment for the USA citizens to talk to their near and dear ones particularly their soldiers in Afghanistan and some other middle-east countries. Before the invention of the cell phone, it was something we could not have been even dreamt of. Similarly, people can communicate with each other via video calls. They are potent to virtually meet by seeing each other instantaneously. Some modified applications do let the users avail themselves of the extra benefits in terms of communication. Henceforth, it is valid to comment that this device has removed all the distances and obstacles, should someone wants to connect to a friend hailing from a far-flung area.

Apart from minimizing the long distances, the aforementioned device has made letter-writing part of history. In the past, people used to make use of letter-writings for the sake of a connection with a friend. This procedure took more than a week in the delivery process. Likewise, it took the same amount of time to avail the response from the recipient of the letter. Therefore, this way of connections demanded patience, wait and breathe. But today cell phone has awarded everything in terms of quick connections. It saves time and at the same time, the people need not wait for so long days as they used to in the last centuries.

Another bright side of this device was revealed amid the contemporary epidemic. The students shifted to virtual classrooms for they had to adopt the precautionary measures of isolation and quarantine vis-à-vis their smooth continuation of the educational journey. These devices are in reality a bridge between the students and their instructors. They have had to play an unimaginable role in saving the time of learners. Had there been no such gadgets, all the students of the ongoing era would have been at a loss. This loss would have been reflected in the future. Moreover, the availability of extra applications in mobile phones has made it a piece of cake for the employees to receive their salary notifications, pay bills and do things even much more.

These were some of the advantages of a cell device. The abuses of cell phones are written in the upcoming paragraphs.

 According to a rough estimate, every fourth teenager has access to a mobile phone. They possess their phone or have access to the phones of their guardians. Normally, these age persons (teenagers) are school going. They are meant to focus on their studies primarily. Unfortunately, most of the students do not use gadgets positively. They do not spend time in a meaningful activity while is in their hands. Albeit, there is a certain group within students who positively utilize their time on mobile phones, nonetheless, that group size is negligible. As a result, it is adequate to say that mobile phones are exquisitely contributing to wasting the time of the students; thus blurring their bright futures.

Another alarming mishandling of mobile phones is carried out by criminals. It has made it easy for them to practice an illegal activity or a serious crime. The phone has openly provided an opportunity for criminals to commit small range crimes to a high level of crimes. But the use of such illegal activities is reduced when closely monitored by the higher controlling authorities.

The sum and substance of the short yet comprehensive analysis above depict the two sides of a coin. Every picture has two sides, and so is a cell phone. The cited examples above illustrate the borderlines of the uses and abuses of mobile devices being portable. This is a rule of law that everything has two sides that have positive and negative aspects. Resultantly, it is pertinent to mention that the use of mobile phone should be in the best possible way. Otherwise, disastrous results can be foreseen.


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