1. Drugs addiction:

Every country has issues and tries its best to solve them. Pakistan also has issues and drug addiction among university, college, and even school students is one of the very serious issues. According to the World Drug Report 2000, Pakistan is one of the countries hardest hit by narcotics abuse in the world (NCO, 2001). According to the latest survey about 3.5 million drug addicts of different kinds growing at an annual rate of 7 percent (NCO, 2000-2003). It was also found in the latest report that about 71.5% of the drug users less than 35 years of age and age proportion ranged from 20-30 years age group (NCO, 2000-2003). About 50% of them were illiterate and frequently use drugs. In Pakistan more than 20 % youth-targeted. Almost 25% to 44% of students are illegally involved in the use of drugs.

Kinds of drugs use in Pakistan:

According to Chaudhry, 2013 in four major cities of Pakistan about 40,000 street children are drug users, 125,000 people use drug through injections and 500,000 people use heroine. In Pakistan 7.6 million people are drug addicts in which 22% female and 78% male and this number increases by 40,000 per year (Shadman, 2017). Students also involved in drug usage meanwhile girls also use drugs. The most common drugs that they used were Alcohol, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Cocaine, injected drugs and Shisha (Hindocha, Freeman, Ferris, Lynskey and Winstock, 2016). Marijuana commonly used because it is easily approachable to students.

Reasons of drug usage:

Many reasons that lead them to use of drugs i.e. tension, depression, personal and professional problems, company of friends that use drugs, easy asses to drugs (Simons, Conger, Whitbeck). Poor parenting cause of children drug addiction (Farrel, Danish, Howard). Drugs change neurons of brain that operate happiness. Along tobacco is commonly used among girls and boys worldwide (NIH, 2018). 

One more reason of drug use in Pakistan is authority, power and wealth. Mostly students that lived in hostels they easily addicted and spread it among other students in community. Some student’s drug addicted belongs to broken families and some grown up while watching their father and some families’ parents also drug addicted. Even Pakistan government also takes initiative to stop drug import export among cities to cities. Import and export of drugs also restricted in Pakistan but many people still involved in such activities. Rehabilitations centers also working in Pakistan for welfare of drug addicted people.


In my opinion, parents can play their best role in preventing and dealing with drug abuse. They can do it by nurturing a healthy and responsible attitude in their children. On the other hand, University, College, and School administration create counseling cells for students and conduct informative seminars about the prevention of drug usage.

2. Unemployment:

Unemployment is also a serious economic and social issue of Pakistan. People having degrees but they are unable in seeking a job. People are qualified but they don’t have appropriate job according to their potential. One more problem is that when fresh graduates apply for the job they call for interview but they don’t have experience of work so they rejected. Literate people due to lack of unemployment mostly associate with driving vehicles to support their families.

Demand is higher than the supply of jobs in Pakistan. The population is more than resources. Every year number of graduates pass out but few of them got the job. Due to the lack of resources, many qualified people leave permanently the country for the sake of a good job that is totally a loss for Pakistan. Countless people when failed in finding the solution to the problems they commit suicide. Furthermore many families unable to beg and believed in hard work and struggle and with the passage of time when they failed in the final solution of their daily problems whole families commit suicide. 

3. Corruption:

Corruption is generally connected with the activities of the state. Recently in few years, corruption is the center of attention in Pakistan. In the last few years in Pakistan’s government is failed to control it and even the president and prime minister lost their positions due to corruption cases. Corruption nowadays pursuing more attention than in the past few years. Due to the media’s independence, everyone knows about corruption. In every department in Pakistan, people involved in bribery and corruption like police stations, hospitals, education sector, commercial areas, politicians even religious communities also involved in such kinds of activities. Due to the lack of transparency in rules, laws, processes fertile corruption in the country. Rules and laws are just limited to the documentation and files. With the passage of time corruption broke every field in Pakistan and there is no transparency in any system. Actions can be taken to reduce corruption but the fight against it is not easy to bring reform in the state. But in the last few years, government emphasis on corruption frees Pakistan. Non-governmental organizations like Transparency International try their best to create an anti-corruption movement in many countries.  According to Transparency International’s latest report 2020 out of 180 countries in the world, Pakistan is on the 124th number in corruption.


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