Essence of Education

Essence of Education
Essence of Education

The word “Scope” is not familiar to many students at school. Once the students get into the intermediate level of their academic career, then many of them search the meaning of “scope” idiomatically – not literally. That is the stage when the student gets extremely equivocal about the future. Choosing the right path is a pinnacle for every learner; keeping in view the strength and interest of oneself. However, the multi-options availability and “scope” have made the students become a degree more perplexed in opting for the right box in such an intricate matter.

About the word “scope” as cited above, it is so pertinent to ask, think and know if that word existed – in an idiomatic sense – when our forefathers were school-going kids. Many of us would reckon they (forefathers) were not as curious as is the latest generation. Another relevant query is if the several-time repeated word (scope) has created a chasm between character building and education.

Today, a vacuum is observed in several well-educated persons who have known the word “scope” accurately, idiomatically. Our ears have become used to hearings such as “Parha Likha Jahil”. Ostensibly, it is disgusting to call a literate man an illiterate guy. But, at the same time, the words do fit on a single creature even though the words are antonyms of each other.

For a layman, who cannot go through a bundle of achievement certificates, the only way to assess someone literate can be looking at the visible aspect of a personality i.e. soundness and benign nature. This is something that is palpably absent in people and this is when we frame the two antonyms in a single image, without any hesitation.

Kids and teenagers going to tuitions in the afternoon have become a kind of obligatory. Even a few years ago, it was not so common and all the students almost had to reach the nearer sports fields to spend their second-time hours. Is that all just because the students have known the better meaning of “scope” than earlier students. Albeit, it is good to know new things at an age younger than our parents when they were kids, however, there come the crossroads where the purpose of education is bisected. Students get a good education which is observed in the grades they achieve academically. But, an integral aspect gets missing in some academically sound candidates. This is due to taking the subjects lighter other than majors e.g. Ethics studies, Psychology, etc. The students may score well even in these courses as well, but they do not study these subjects in true essence and hence portends a vacuum in their personalities.

Going deep, how many of us get educated only to secure an attractive job in the market? Noticeably, such decisions are not made in hours. They are based on what somebody has been attaining since childhood at home or school. Such decisions are critical and not less than defining junctures. This should not be interpreted that one ought not to apply for an attractive job. Yet, it is meant to fill the vacuum of ‘Tarbeya’ (character building) before practicing any duty.
In the past, every student regardless of whether he/she was brilliant in grades knew more the worth of respecting spiritual parents. There are several instances that we go through in books. Yes, students do respect their teachers today as well. But, they are not well aware of the worth, limits, and borders and unintentionally act or practice that nullifies their respects for the most respected people of the society altogether.

With such a mindset, the future is a blur for the students and they are living in phantasm. The journey towards the dead-end is in its full swing, should the students continue with an attitude different from yesteryear. It is not inconceivable to diagnose the why’s and don’ts. Similarly, it is easy to siss out the remedies. But, what needs to be comprehended is the hurdles that are precluding things and the momentum. Preparing students such that they do not take any subject lighter because they are specializing in it would be a positive omen. Furthermore, adopting a unified approach inclusive in nature is equally important. Undoubtedly, education is a mind-expanding gift that broadens the horizons. However, if we do not forge intensive educational institutes in our surroundings, we may minimize the key purpose of education and shall lead us to nowhere but fiasco.


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