Actress Mathira terms Pakistan’s showbiz industry as hypocrites

Actress Mathira terms Pakistan's showbiz industry as hypocrites
Actress Mathira terms Pakistan's showbiz industry as hypocrites

Karachi: Actress Mathira called Pakistan’s showbiz industry people hypocrites.

Actress, model, Mathira is known for her bold style and truthfulness. Recently, Mathira participated in the private TV channel show “G Sarkar” hosted by actor Noman Ijaz. Mathira spoke on the show about the attitudes of people in the Pakistan showbiz industry and award shows.

Mathira said she has seen so many hardships in life and stumbled so much that she is no longer afraid of anything and she is not afraid, to tell the truth in front of anyone. Rather, the person who speaks to them responds to them in the same way. Mathira said that fear is only of God. What fear of man.

Talking about the Pakistan showbiz industry, Mathira said that there are a lot of people here who become very good in front of you but talk strangely about you behind your back. Similarly, in award shows, people compliment you on your face, but as you turn around, their attitudes change. The atmosphere of award shows is very toxic, so it is better to sit at home and ignore these things than to go there.


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