American singer, Songwriter Britney Spear’s mom requests the estate to pay her $600,000 legal fees

American singer & Song writer Britney Spears’ mom requests estate to pay her $600,000 legal fees

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne issues appeal to have the signer’s estate pay all her $600,000 legal fees, in light of her support during the conservatorship case.

A copy of this appeal has been obtained by Insider and per their findings, Lynne has requested to not be asked to pay her legal fees, since she wanted to “get involved to help Britney free herself from what she saw as a very controlling existence.”

The filing also admits the Britney “enthusiastically agreed” to the request previously and she is “requesting compensation” as a result of that.

The filing also went on to say, “In taking on the representation of Lynne Spears, the mission of counsel was clear and simple: do whatever it took to assist Britney to break the restrictions imposed by the conservatorship and move in the direction of the removal of Jamie as conservator, and, ultimately, total termination of the entire conservatorship.”

It also explained that since Briteny was unable to choose her own lawyers until recently, her mother Lynne Spears “entered this case with her own counsel in order to fill that gap.”

During the initial proceedings, the filing also suggests Lynne and Britney were working to “get her iPhone back,” reinstate driving privileges and give her permission to take vacations, among other things.

It concluded by saying, “Attorneys’ fees are appropriate and warranted in the instant matter for Lynne’s counsel given the advantages, results, and benefits achieved for Britney and given the fact that all actions taken were in Britney’s best interests.”


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