Singers Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustahasan’s new song “Bari 2” Trending #1 on youtube

Singers Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustahasan's new song
Singers Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustahasan's new song "Bari 2" Trending #1 on youtube

Singer Bilal Saeed and singer Momina Mustahasan have released the second part of their song ‘Bari 2’ (Uchiyan Diwaran), which is being loved by the fans. In November last year, the two singers released their first song ‘Bari’, which set new records for success. After which Momina Mustahasan and Bilal Saeed had announced that they will soon release a remake of the song.

Before the release of the song, the two singers had made various posts on social media about ‘Bari’ and ‘Bari 2’.

In this regard, Momina Mustahasan had said that the story of ‘Bari’ is the story of a young girl who gives another chance to love despite her broken heart.

A few days ago, Bilal Saeed had written a post in which he had written that Rahim Pardesi in ‘Bari 2’ is as important as hot tea. Before the release of ‘Bari 2’, singer Bilal Saeed wrote in another post that when you are really in love, you become weak and insecure.

Fans expressed their feelings on social media in this regard. A user named Jaya wrote that Bilal and Momina have captivated our hearts once again.

Another user wrote that they have a strange feeling after listening to this song. It is a very good song.


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