Twitter deleted Kangana’s tweets calling Rihanna insane

Twitter deleted Kangana's tweets calling Rihanna insane
Twitter deleted Kangana's tweets calling Rihanna insane

Indian actress Kangana Ranaut’s tweets on American singer Rihanna’s tweet calling her crazy have been deleted by the social media website.

Indian media has reported that Bollywood Queen’s tweet actor and singer Daljit Singh was deleted. Because she called him a ‘Khalistani’ and farmers for calling him a ‘terrorist’.

It should be noted that the ongoing protests in India have also become the focus of attention of world-renowned celebrities. Where one celebrity after another is raising their voices in support of the protesting farmers.

Farmers who raised their voices for their rights are now in the Indian state of New Delhi. Where the Indian government has suspended internet service and broken mountains of oppression on them.

When the US broadcaster CNN published a report about the suspension of the internet service. It was retweeted on Twitter by the American singer Rihanna from Barbados.

In her message, Rihanna asked, “Why aren’t we talking about this?”

Rihanna, who has more than 101 million followers on Twitter, spread like wildfire, with some Indians criticizing her and others thanking farmers for their support.

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut had slammed Rihanna for supporting farmers.

Similarly, Kangana Ranaut has also involved with actor and singer Daljit Singh.

Kangana’s messages were reported by several Twitter users, after which her tweet was removed.

Instead of his messages, the message is now being given by Twitter that “the tweet made by Kangana Ranaut has been removed due to violation of the rules.”


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