Firing on LOC: Indian govt Claims LOC Violation And Attacking On Civilians


The Indian government’s claims of shooting and casualties along the Line of Control are essentially propaganda designed to divert attention away from the ongoing violations of human rights in Indian illegal occupied Jammu and Kashmir and persuade voters ahead of the general election.

For the past few days, Indian media has reported that Indian soldiers are fighting terrorists on the Line of Control and that both police and insurgents have been killed. However, recordings shot by people living along the Line of Control have exposed the Indian government’s fraudulent assertions.

The locals claim that there is perfect stillness on both sides of the Line of Control and no shooting or other activity. According to the official news agency of Pakistan, Associated Press of Pakistan, Indian pundits are asking why Modi is rejoicing in light of the dire circumstances on the border and the deaths of Indian soldiers.

An analyst for the organization claims that the Modi administration employed similar strategies before the elections to garner political benefit and seeks to claim responsibility for their deaths by falsely blaming Pakistan for supporting terrorism. In light of the elections, numerous situations similar to the Pulwama drama may occur again, the statement said, citing former governor of occupied Jammu and Kashmir Satya Pal Malik and other Indian politicians.

ISPR Statement, “This blatant Indian aggression is a clear violation of existing ceasefire understandings. Pakistan desires peace and tranquillity at its borders, however, all necessary measures will be taken to protect the life and property of our citizens,”

To draw attention away from the Kokernag event, in which four Indian senior officials were slain in an assault, the Indian media is promoting anti-Pakistan sentiment.

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