Gas Shortage: A huge Problem in Pakistan


The current natural gas crisis in Pakistan, notably in Peshawar, has gotten out of hand and is frustrating locals who are dealing with acute shortages.

According to reports, Col (retired) Roohul Amin, a longtime resident of Peshawar, expressed his shock and said that in his almost 20 years there, he had never before gone through such a situation. He mentioned that even though it was summer, they were unable to obtain gas in their Peshawar Cantonment residences. He said that there were frequent gas shortages, even in the cold, but that over the past two years, things have become worse and there is now a gas scarcity even in the sweltering summer.

The Army Officers Colony on Bara Road, for example, had its gas supply completely stopped lately, according to Sources, who said that in the past inhabitants would receive gas for a little period of time each day. Because of the ongoing shortages, a lot of people have started cooking using gas cylinders.

Aqib Yusufzai and other Peshawar citizens continue to be dissatisfied with the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), despite several requests. Yusufzai bemoaned the fact that the problem, which had been developing over the previous three years, will worsen in 2023 when gas supplies would be cut to just 30 minutes each day. Many locals have lost trust in the promises made by the corporation as a result of the officials at SNGPL’s lack of responsiveness.

Rahmatullah Khan, the SNGPL’s regional manager for Peshawar, could not be reached, which raises questions about how well the acute gas shortage is being addressed. The objectivity of the region’s gas supply management has also come into doubt in light of Khan’s apparent political links. The increasing issue that has interrupted residents’ daily life has left many hopeful for a speedy resolution.

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