EU ‘ready to reset ties,’ but says Turkey must do more

EU 'ready to reset ties,' but says Turkey must do more
EU 'ready to reset ties,' but says Turkey must do more

EU diplomat said that European Union is ready to reset the relations with Turkey, but it all depends on Turkey’s effort to deescalate tensions in the region.
European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made a trip to Turkey where they met President Erdogan for three hours.

The meeting was considered necessary to boost the economic ties and improved cooperation on migration.

“We extend our hand with our progressive agenda and it’s up to Turkey to seize this opportunity in a solid and sustainable manner,” Michel said during a press briefing after the meeting.

President Erdogan did not hold a press conference, but his office issued a statement saying the government wanted the EU “to take concrete steps to support a positive agenda.”


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