Lebanese demonstrators are storming ministry buildings and TV shows as demonstrations are rising in Beirut.

Lebanon protesters

Lebanese protesters stormed the Beirut ministries and demolished the Lebanese Banks Association headquarters on Saturday, showing television footage shooting as the widening demonstrations were shot at the devastating spur of this week.
One of the voters said that a police officer was killed in the clashes. A cop on the scene told him that the officer died after being pursued by protesters when he dropped into an elevator shaft in a nearby building.

The Red Cross confirmed that 117 people have been treated for injuries, while another 55 have been admitted to hospital. In central Martyrs’ Square a fire broke out.Dozens of protesters stormed the Foreign Ministry, burning a framed portrait of President Michel Aoun, leader of several of Lebanon’s political parties over the decades, who said he is to blame for the deep political and economic crises.

“We ‘re here to stay. We encourage the Lebanese people to seize all their departments, “a megaphone protester said.

About 10,000 people, throwing stones, gathered in the Martyrs’ Square. A Reuters reporter said that the police fired tear gasses as a few demonstrators attempted to breach the blocking road leading to parliament.

Shots and rubber bullets have been fired by Police reported. It was not clear who signed immediately.
The demonstrators said they would hold on their leaders and prosecute them for their incompetence, which led to a giant explosion Tuesday killing 158 people and injuring more than 6,000.

The protesters sang “the people want the regime to fall,” chanting again the iconic slogan from the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings. The posters said “Leave, all of you murderers.”


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