Mahira Khan Shares What She Much Like in A Man


Mahira Khan is the epitome of elegance and beauty that
has fascinated the audience through her excellent film and drama work.

She married Ali Askari in 2017 but they split their ways later.

Mahira Khan has revealed that she is in love with him, and that he is not an industrialist.

The actress from Raees sees him as an enormous blessing in her life.

She also said that, in exchange for something positive she must have done, God
rewarded her with Salim.

Mahira Khan spoke about lots of important issues in a recent live interview with Asim
Raza and Nazia Ejaz.

Asim Raza asked her, “What does Mahira like in man?

Who has impressed her? What woke up her?
What’s thing attractive in a guy to Mahira Khan.

Mahira Khan responded, “What I like and what I find as I grew older is that I’ve find myself drawn or enjoyed in the last couple of years is a man who has this quiet thing
that you know as someone who knows that it’s okay with himself just as if at peace with himself.”

“I always find someone nice in their own skin who’s confident and I really like that with everyone it’s not just a guy.
I like that and I think the price is really attractive, “Khan added.


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