Mehwish Hayat draws authorities’ attention to Karachi after rain hits port city

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Mehwish Hayat draws authorities' attention to Karachi after rain hits port city

Karachi experienced immense hardships on Friday as heavy rain hit the port city leaving many low-lying areas submerged, creating major traffic jams and power outages.

Pakistani superstar Mehwish Hayat, who regularly draws attention from authorities to civic problems, has taken to Twitter and expressed frustration over the situation in Karachi after the latest rain spell.

She said, “We ‘re getting some rain from Karachi & the world’s 7th largest city is grinding to a halt. Flood of rivers, flooding of cars, electrocution of men, power outages.

The Load Wedding actress urged action from the Sindh government, DHA and Cantt board saying “SINDH Govt, DHA, Cantt board .. Pls get your act together now and fix it!

She further said, “We make the most of the country’s revenue we deserve better!

 According to a report by The News, nearly half of the Karachi ‘s roads and locations were filled with sewage-mixed rainwater, many of the low-lying areas were reduced to water reservoirs as the choked storm-water drains and nullahs overflowed on Friday afternoon after rainfall.

Thousands of automobiles were trapped on major thoroughfares as rainwater flooded the route.


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