Pakistan is permanent SCO Youth Council member: official

Pakistan is permanent SCO Youth Council member: official

ISLAMABAD, July 16 Special Assistant to Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar said Thursday that Pakistan has become a permanent member of the Youth Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ( SCO).
“Pakistani youth will now be able to represent their country at the meetings of the SCO Youth Council and its exchange programmes,” Dar said in a video message on Twitter, adding that Pakistani youth will also participate in the SCO Youth Council’s skill development programmes.
Pakistan has been able to attain permanent membership of the council due to all-out efforts of the central government over the past two years, and the personal interest and initiatives of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for the youth, the official added.
He said Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Foreign Ministry officials played a crucial role in achieving this major membership.

Nation experts believe membership will provide Pakistani youth with access to the international opportunities and motivate them socially and economically.The council will also help young members find jobs and business opportunities in various sectors worldwide, they added. Update


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