Pakistan to ‘enhance more relations’ with ASEAN countries

Shah mehmood quershi

FM Qureshi calls for improved humanity cooperation between Member States


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Saturday that Pakistian relations with Asean and its Member States in line with the policies of “Dream East Asia” would continue to deepen and improve their political, economic , and cultural ties.

The foreign minister said in his message on 53 Asean Day, “Pakistan enjoys strong and friendly ties with all the Aseans and their historical and deep-rooted modem-era ties that harken back to the continuing links established during the periods of the Gandhara civilization.” The Foreign Minister said.
The historical day marks 8 August 1967 when 5 countries of South East Asia developed a common forum that was built on the fundamental principles of cooperation, friendship and non-intervention.
“We remain committed to growing our partnership with Asean to higher levels, and this continued and unique relationship has now become a representation of Pakistan ‘s partnership with Asean as an ASEAN Sectoral Dialog Partner and an involved member.
He said the Asean Community Vision 2025, which comprises the political , economic and social-cultural dimensions of Asean, was a planning instrument for further integration, convergence and development of the enormous potential of the citizens and economies of the region.
Qureshi also congratulated the Asean states for coping with the Covid 19 pandemic, calling for enhanced humanity development cooperation between Member States.


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