No problem in civil-military ties: Sheikh Rasheed

DG ISI appointment within a week: Rashid
DG ISI appointment within a week: Rashid

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Monday said civil-military relations were on an even keel and the country faced no problem in this regard.

“Everything is okay. I’m not in a position to give an official statement. Only [Information Minister] Fawad Chaudhry and [Defence Minister] Pervez Khattak can speak in this regard.

However, I want to say that the civil-military relations are steady and there is no problem in this regard. Whenever transfers are made, they take place as usual,” he said, addressing a press conference on Monday.

Sheikh Rasheed said the PDM should keep in view the region’s current scenario while taking political decisions. Responding to a question regarding snap elections, he reiterated that Prime Minister Imran Khan will complete his five-year term.

He said an Afghanistan Desk will be set up at the PM Office under the prime minister’s directives and the interior ministry will be a part of it. He said long-lasting peace in Afghanistan was a prerequisite for stability in the region and the world.

The minister said Pakistan wanted peace and stability in Afghanistan because it was in both countries and the region’s best interests.

“Things are changing fast in the region and Pakistan, being a responsible state, would fulfil its responsibility of national security while meeting international expectations as a major country in the region with the objective to strengthen peace in Afghanistan,” he said.

He said all those who have more than one passport can surrender their passports by October 30. The minister said the government had reduced the fee for the dual CNIC process, while the dual passport process fee will also be reduced.

He said the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been tasked with checking the hoarding of dollars and the government has decided to audit five major companies in this regard. He said 88 people have been arrested for hoarding dollars while 10 more will be arrested.

He said action had been taken against 136 Nadra officials involved in wrongdoings.

The borders of Torkham and Chaman have been placed on the biometric system, while remaining borders will also be added to the system.


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