Pakistan’s Ghauri missile test resulted in success


The Ghauri missile test was successfully carried out under the
supervision of Army Strategic Force Command leaders. According to
ISPR, the Inter Services Public Relations Pakistan, the goal of the Ghauri
Weapon System test was to assess the “operational and technical
readiness of the Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC)”.
The Ghauri (Hatf 5) is a key component of Pakistan’s strategic missile
weapons. It is a medium-range, road-mobile, ballistic missile system
that can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads. It was built in
Pakistan. In order to increase weapon accuracy, the system has
undergone testing. Officers in high positions, scientists, and engineers
witnessed the launch, and the Commander of Army Strategic Force
Command acknowledged the system’s readiness.
Pakistan’s first MRBM ballistic missile is named Ghori. Ghori can carry
any conventional bomb up to 1500 or 1800 km away, as well as an
atomic weapon with 30 TNT or a chemical bomb. The Ghori II is a 2000
km-range, medium-range ballistic missile. KRL makes it to Pakistan. So
far, between fifty and one hundred Ghauri missiles have been
About six days after Pakistan conducted a successful test flight of the
Ababeel Weapon System on October 18, the Ghauri Weapon System
was launched for training. The purpose of the Ababeel test flight was to
revalidate different designs, technical requirements, and performance

The President, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff Committee, and the Services Chiefs commended the
soldiers, scientists, and engineers who took part in a job well done with
the training launch.


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