Riyadh-Tehran mediation making ‘slow progress’

Riyadh-Tehran mediation making ‘slow progress’

Premier tells Al Jazeera we have done our best to avoid military confrontation between two countrie
ISLAMABAD:The mediation efforts of Pakistan ‘s Gulf rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, demanded from the United States, were slow progressing.

The minister visited Tehran and Riyadh in October, prompted by Washington, to foster negotiations following attacks on Gulf oil interests blamed in the U.S on Iran.

“We are making progress but gradually,” PM Imran told al Jazeera in an interview excerpt, which will be broadcast in full on Wednesday, “that our agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia was not stopped and we are making progress.
“We have done our best to stop an Iran-Saudi war and our efforts have worked,” said the Prime Minister of Qatar’s TV station.

Iran’s long-standing inconsistencies with Saudi Arabia’s US Gulf partner.

The frictions between the USA and Iran intensified when, in mid-2018, the administration of President Donald Trump withdrew from an deal restricting the nuclear programme, in return for relaxing penalties.

On 14 September of this past year, Saudi oil facilitators experienced a sudden increase in the tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The US and SA have accused Iran, though Tehran has denied these statements, of having been behind the drone strikes.
Yet Houthi rebels in Yemen took responsibility for attacks which lead suddenly to a rise in international oil prices.

After efforts by some nations, including Pakistan and Iraq, the possibility of immediate war was assumed to have been avoided in the Middle East.

Pakistan did not first try to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which had been on the verge of diverging geopolitical interests in the Middle East for years.
Pakistan had sought last time to resolve the crisis in Yemen tensions between two countries. Pakistani politicians, including former Chief General Raheel Sharif who now leads the Islamic Countries Counter-Terrorism alliance in Saudi Arabia visited Iran and Saudi Arabia, but the efforts were not very successful in the continuation of unrest


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