India is currently controlling world cricket; Imran Khan

Pakistan will be an eco-friendly country; PM Imran Khan
Pakistan will be an eco-friendly country; PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan says Indian Cricket Board is the richest cricket board in the world. At present India controls world cricket.

In an interview with Middle East Eye News, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while discussing the current situation of cricket in Pakistan, said that he has seen the evolution of cricket relations between Pakistan and England, cricket relations of other teams, I think England Even today I feel that they are giving a favor by playing with countries like Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that after New Zealand, England disappointed, we expected something more from England, we did not expect them to do so without unilateral consultation, foreign teams, the biggest concern for their protection is our Yes, imagine if something happens to a cricket team in Pakistan, we are responsible.

“We have the best intelligence agency in the world, I checked, we had full protection, the New Zealanders were scared and left the country, I think the teams are disappointed,” he said.

He said he was upset by what was started by an Indian and left, after which England canceled the visit without consulting anyone.

Imran Khan said that I think it is disappointing for them, it also disappointed Pakistan, it was disappointing even England should think about what they did, they did it with a country that helped them in difficult times. Accompanied, who visited when no other team was ready to go.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan went to England at a time when there were Corona sanctions, what would have been their feelings if it had happened to them.


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