The first test flight of a “small helicopter” on Mars was successful

The first test flight of a
The first test flight of a "small helicopter" on Mars was successful

Pasadena, California: NASA’s small helicopter “Ingenuity” has completed its first test flight, while the US space agency “NASA” broadcast the entire operation live on YouTube via YouTube.

You can also watch the live stream recording of the first flight of the Ingenuity helicopter:

Earlier this month, after Ingenuity’s main rover, parted ways with Perseverance, some flaws in its flight and guidance software were revealed that took several days to fix.

In the next step, the performance of these routers was tested by rotating their wings (rotors) at a certain speed. For the flight, the engine’s routers had to rotate at about 25,000 cycles per minute.

NASA experts have recently completed its first test flight with a final review of all aspects of the engine.

This flight, though only a few seconds long, is undoubtedly a great achievement.

Note: The above live streaming can be viewed from the 35th minute to the end.


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