The City of Rich Food Culture


By Haseeb Yaqub

Going through the narrow streets of Lahore, lying at the center of the city is one of the greatest and mesmerizing collection of aromas that tend to water the mouth of the visitors. The city of Lahore is known for its immensely rich cultural history and food being a basic need for survival has been marked as part of the history. Since, the city of Lahore was a host to multiple dynasties and cultures and each one of them had brought with itself, their foods which are surely different and variable. Today, the city and more specifically the old part of the city is a symbol of its history and they have been using the food as a tool to make the history be remembered. The streets of the city tend to offer highly delicious foods to its visitors and these are a compete blend of all that had been offered in the city in the previous yet different eras. The Lahori foods are known worldwide for their immensely delicious taste and a complete versatility with regards top options but the thing the puts more life into it is not just the taste but how that is being presented.

The food streets of Lahore tend to establish a picture of what it used to be in the previous eras and then offer food that add extra value to the food and surely gives an historical insight of the city and its royalty. This food tends to make everyone feel as royals from the past and the taste then takes them into a completely different picturable situation.

The Lahori food shows a glimpse of rich Mughal and Sikh culture which were the most recent dynasties that had ruled the city yet the food has been shaped according to the Muslim laws and teachings however, the originality has been compromised up to a very limited extent. Also, the advent of west in actual and also through digitalization has actually paved way for a lot more continental dishes to be integrated into this culture. This integration surely could be a threat to the existing food culture and one can easily witness its presence overlapping the food of the region however, the people of Lahore seem determined to keep their history and culture alive


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