90K tons of sugar imported; Hasaan Khawar

Price of sugar in Pakistan shoots past price of petrol
Price of sugar in Pakistan shoots past price of petrol

Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister for Information & Special Initiatives and Government Spokesperson Hasaan Khawar said the provincial government was well aware of the effects of inflation on the poor.
“Under the leadership of the provincial chief executive, the Punjab administration is working strategically to minimize the consequences of inflation.”
He made these remarks while addressing the media at a government warehouse in Mughalpura where he was checking the supply of imported low-cost sugar.
Khawar further said that the opposition parties’ continued protests had nothing to do with inflation. Under the pretext of public interest, the opposition was only battling to protect its own vested personal interests.
The Punjab Information Technology Board built up a specific dashboard for monitoring the supply and demand of sugar in the market, and Lahore ADCG Lahore and Shalimar Town AC briefed him on it.
The government had imported 90,000 tons of sugar, of which two ships carrying 59,000 tons had been offloaded, according to the spokesperson.
He revealed that roughly 28,000 tons of sugar had been supplied to the market at the time. He also stated that the government was providing an uninterrupted supply of low-cost sugar to the general public.


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