Wall Street Journal highlights Pakistan’s sharp decline in Covid-19 cases


On Sunday, American newspaper Wall Street Journal reported the sharp fall in the Covid-19 cases and deaths in Pakistan.

Until recently, the number of cases in Pakistan rose steadily, reporting a drastic decline in cases of coronavirus and deaths, both dropping from their peaks by more than 80 percent.
The newspaper said major hospitals in Pakistan confirmed availability of beds in coronavirus wards that had previously been overflowing with patients infected.

During the past month , the number of patients on ventilators has halved compared to the neighboring countries of Pakistan, India and Iran, which record an growing number of regular infections.
The Wall Street Journal acknowledged the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to ignore the advice of the World Health Organization on lockdowns, stating that lockdowns are too costly for the poor. Later, he agreed to reopen companies in order to save the economy of the country.


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