Youth Parliament of Pakistan delegates will represent Pakistan in SDG & Young Summit at UN Geneva: President Qureshi


Youth Parliament delegates Raja Babar Khan and Shoaib Hayat will attend engagements with UNCTAD, SDGS summit with UNITAR and Young Activist Summit in the United Nations Geneva during the visit they will represent and explore the opportunities for the youngsters of Pakistan

Youth Parliament of Pakistan Delegates will participate and represent Pakistan in the engagements with the UN and International Institutions during Geneva Visit. Islamabad — The President of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman Qureshi announced the delegates for UN Geneva and International Institutions. He said the Youth Parliament working hard to develop space in the international arena and bring opportunities for the youngsters of Pakistan under limited resources, such a crucial step in fostering international relations and providing a platform for Pakistani youth to engage on a global scale. Executive Member Mr. Shoaib Hayat and International Representative Mr. Babar Khan will foster the 3 day engagement in Geneva with foreign institutions.

On a regular basis, the youth Parliament provides an opportunity for Pakistan’s young leaders to participate in different international with the support of International institutions and organizations. During this visit, the delegates will attend the Young Activist Summit, and SDGs Summit attend the meetings with United Nations bodies, and explore the opportunities for the youngsters of Pakistan. Such initiatives provide an opportunity for the youngsters of Pakistan to speak and share their views on different national and international challenges.
The Youth Parliament of Pakistan is committed to empowering the next generation of leaders with the skills, knowledge, and exposure necessary to actively participate in the global arena. This visit to Geneva exemplifies the YPP’s dedication to nurturing diplomatic prowess and cross-cultural understanding among the youth of Pakistan.

Mr. Ubaid further said: that such completion of such delegations is a loud clear message to justify the intention, interest, dedication, and commitment of youth from developing countries, and it clearly depicts a positive perception of Pakistan to the world. Recently Youth Parliament delegates represented the Pakistan in UK and the USA in different engagements. He further said we are hopeful for the impactful contributions and insights the Youth Parliament of Pakistan delegation will bring back to the homeland.


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