Youth Parliament of Pakistan delegates will represent Pakistan in SDG & Young Summit at UN Geneva: President Qureshi


The Youth Parliament of Pakistan dignatories are trying hard to promote positivity in international community under the leadership of President Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman Qureshi, is set to represent the country on a significant platform at the UN in Geneva. The delegates, including Executive Member Mr. Shoaib Hayat and International Representative Mr. Babar Khan reached Geneva to attend engagement and explore opportunities for the youngsters of Pakistan. It marks a pivotal step in enhancing Pakistan’s global standing Ubaid Qureshi added.

This initiative provides a crucial opportunity for Pakistan’s youth to engage directly with international institutions, attend summits like the Young Activist Summit and SDGs Summit, and interact with UN bodies. It not only showcases Pakistan’s commitment to empowering its young leaders but also amplifies their voices on both national and international issues in a effective and positive way.

The YPP’s efforts in nurturing cross-cultural understanding and diplomatic acumen among its youth exemplify Pakistan’s vision for a more inclusive and impactful global community.

Mr. Ubaid highlighted that such engagements serve as a beacon of Pakistan’s positive intentions and unwavering commitment on the international stage. The successful representations in the UK and the USA stand as testaments to Pakistan’s potential for delivering influential insights and contributions, further elevating the nation’s standing in the global arena.


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