Qureshi highlighted the Immigration, mobility, and educational issues for Pakistan’s youngsters in the Parliamentary corridor and urge the overseas society to play a positive supporting role to uplift the socio-economic condition of Pakistan -. He holds an overseas interaction and Media Talk along with Sam Tarry, Member UK Parliament.

 A key highlight of the visit was a symposium titled “Youth Empowerment: A Catalyst for Social Progress.”

[London] – A dynamic delegation from the Youth Parliament of Pakistan (YPP) led by the President, of Youth Parliament of Pakistan Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman Qureshi, set foot on British soil to embark on an unparalleled journey aimed at enhancing bilateral relations and advocating for increased youth engagement for Pakistan with the support of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in the UK Parliament. The two-week-long visit was a significant milestone in fostering stronger ties between Pakistan and the United Kingdom and paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for the youth of both nations.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Chief along with the team played a supportive role in hosting and organizing the engagements for the delegation. Delegates observed the British Prime Minister Question Hour Debate and also paid a visit to 10 Downing Street. Comprising of talented and motivated young parliamentarians, activists, and change-makers, the delegation was determined to explore and exchange knowledge with their counterparts in the United Kingdom through an array of engaging activities. The primary focus of the visit was to deliberate on crucial topics such as youth mobility, immigration issues, educational challenges, social and political development of Pakistan, and furthering cooperation.

Among the noteworthy activities on the delegation’s itinerary was a series of discussions with members of the UK Youth Parliament and their Local Government elected counterparts. Lord Mayor Manchester hosted the cross-dialogue session between Manchester Youth Parliament and the Pakistan Youth Parliament delegation. The dialogues explored best practices in youth engagement, the significance of promoting diversity and inclusivity in politics, and mechanisms to amplify youth voices in decision-making processes.

To foster civil society engagement oriented towards addressing the socio-political situation of Pakistan and international challenges, the delegation also participated in focused discussions with prominent representatives from various British civil society organizations. Member of UK Parliament Sam Tary organized a Community interaction and Delegation interaction visit in their constituency followed by the Media interaction. These conversations aimed to identify collaborative approaches to tackle pressing issues, such as human rights, climate change, and Peace for Kashmir. By facilitating these connections, the Youth Parliament of Pakistan seeks to forge partnerships that will empower the youth to actively contribute to shaping a more progressive and harmonious society both in Pakistan and on the international stage.

In order to observe the local government system and the debates on civil issues, the delegation was hosted in the London Assembly by Member and Chair Planning Committee Ms. Samina Sheikh. Delegates observed the London Mayor’s Question hours and interacted with the Members of the Assembly. In addition, the Mayor of Hounslow, the borough of London along with the leader of the council and cabinet explained the local bodies system of the British Government. The Youth Parliament of Pakistan delegation had the privilege of meeting with esteemed members of the British government and participating in high-level meetings with prominent policymakers. These interactions enabled both parties to exchange insights on strengthening democratic institutions, promoting accountable governance, and formulating policies that cater to the needs and aspirations of the youth.

The session was held with Lord Davis of Gower – Government Whip, Shadow Minister Foreign and Commonwealth (Asia Pacific) Catharine West, Shadow Minister Naz Shah, and Co-Chair All Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group on Pakistan Barrister Yasmine Qureshi. During the symposium, delegates from Pakistan and the UK engaged in a comprehensive dialogue to share experiences, discuss challenges faced by the youth and propose innovative solutions that could drive positive change in their respective societies. Secretary of Delegation. The delegates paid a visit to the University of Oxford Lady Margaret College to discuss and explore the opportunities in Oxford Pakistan Program. This unique opportunity facilitated a deeper understanding of the British education system and how it could inspire and inform educational reforms in Pakistan.

Ms. Hira Bilal highlighted the women’s contribution to the Nation development of Pakistan. She also draws the attention of the international community over women’s rights, harassment issues, and the islamophobia at a broader level. The Youth Parliament of Pakistan extends its heartfelt appreciation to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), UK Parliament, and British High Commission in Islamabad, and the UK government institutions for their warm welcome and support in organizing this visit.

Secretary International Relations Raja Qaiser along with other delegates added: These initiatives served as pillars of strength in nurturing meaningful relationships and promoting mutual understanding between the two nations. This groundbreaking visit was not merely an event; it symbolized a commitment to strengthening the bridge of friendship between Pakistan and the United Kingdom while empowering the youth to play an instrumental role in shaping the future of their countries.

About the Youth Parliament of Pakistan: The Youth Parliament of Pakistan is a non-partisan platform that provided young people from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue, acquire leadership skills, and participate in decision-making processes. The YPP aims to create a brighter future for Pakistan by empowering its youth to become active and responsible citizens.


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