Play cricket with your mouth shut, Hina butt rain on Muhammad Hafeez

Play cricket with your mouth shut, Hina butt rain on Muhammad Hafeez
Play cricket with your mouth shut, Hina butt rain on Muhammad Hafeez

Play cricket with your mouth shut, Hina Pervez Butt gets angry when Muhammad Hafeez tweets in favor of PM Imran Khan

League leader Hina Pervez Butt slammed cricketer Muhammad Hafeez for tweeting in support of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Hina Pervez Butt wrote in a tweet that Pakistan’s coronation was laughed at all over the world due to non-compliance with Corona SOPs and now you are supporting a vote thief, it is better to play cricket with your mouth shut and do not comment on politics.

Hina Butt had this reaction to the success of Imran Khan’s vote of confidence by Mohammad Hafeez. Mohammad Hafeez wrote in a tweet that Masterstroke, Vote of Confidence, Imran Khan PTI.

Earlier, after the Lahore High Court allowed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to go abroad for medical treatment in 2012, Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Hafeez tweeted that Nawaz Sharif had gone abroad for medical treatment. That is, adequate and adequate medical facilities are not available in Pakistan. This means that we are not safe in a country of 200 million Pakistanis.

Hina Pervez Butt had also responded to this tweet of Mohammad Hafeez. She had written criticizing Mohammad Hafeez that what is your performance? It is better to focus on cricket, no one has made you the Prime Minister.

PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal had told Muhammad Hafeez that Professor Sahib is an educated man, at present Pakistan is not a developed country where advanced research and development is being done, many patients from the UK are being treated. Turning to the US, does that mean Britain has failed?

Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah wrote that “Sir, you always seek treatment from British doctors.” Just a few months ago, he chose Manchester for treatment of his fractured right thumb. Other users had also advised Muhammad Hafeez to focus on cricket.



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