1st edition of KPL held in Muzaffarabad, But host team was not able to win the tournament

1st edition of Kashmir premier League held in Muzaffarabad but the host will not able to win the tournament
1st edition of Kashmir premier League held in Muzaffarabad but the host will not able to win the tournament

KPL 2021 was 1st edition of the Kashmir Premier League held in Muzaffarabad, capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. KPL was approved by Pakistan Cricket Board & was registered with the Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The tournament was started on August 7 & the Final was on 17 August 2021.

The tournament provided entertainment and happiness to the people of Kashmir as it was the first-ever tournament of such a level. Despite Covid, in every game stadium was nearly full as per allowed by Administration (3000 Spectators) every game .6 teams were participating in the tournament – Muzaffarabad Tigers, Kotli Lions, Bagh Stallions, Rawlakot Hawks, Mirpur Royals, and overseas warriors. Every team consists of Pakistani National team players, Domestic players, International Players, and Local Kashmiri players as well.

The idea of Kashmir premier League was floated by Mr. Shehryar Khan Afridi when He assumed charge of Chairman Kashmir committee last year – At that time it seems impossible looking at the propaganda by our rivals Hindustan – But, the blessing in a disguise was that propaganda by Indian media as it worked as “Free Media Marketing” for KPL 2021.

Gibbs from South Africa shared on his Twitter about BCCI pressurizing South Africa Cricket Board & others for withdrawal of their players from KPL – Even ICC was pressurized by BCCI to not recognize KPL as ICC approved tournament while KPL officials said KPL isn’t an ICC affiliated tournament.

Rawlakot Hawks led by Shahid Khan Afridi won the final against Muzaffarabad Tigers led by Muhammad Hafeez and became inaugural Champions of the Kashmir Premier League.

” Though we could not win the Final what an incredible league it has been turned out.

For Kashmir, this was the first mega event in history. Softer image of Pakistan and Kashmir has been highlighted around the globe through this venture ” Tabish Abbasi ( Kashmir Based Activist & Blogger) while expressing his views for Kashmir Premier League on the final day . Abbasi further added Credit goes to the Owner of Muzaffarabad Tigers Mr. Arshad Tanoli, Munir Usmani (President Dream Pakistan & Core team member Muzaffarabad Tigers) Bilal Shiekh (President Muzaffarabad civil society) for their best hospitality to guests as Muzaffarabad Tigers were Hosting team in Muzaffarabad.

Organizers of Kashmir Premier League | Security Agencies (AJK Police, Pak Army, intelligence ) | Local Administration | Pakistan Red crescent AJK Branch | Muslim Hands Mirpur AJK | all Deserve appreciation.

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