Closure of educational institutions decision is expected next week

Closure of educational institutions decision is expected next week

No final decision was taken today at the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers’ Conference at the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) regarding holidays or school closures. A decision on the closure of educational institutions will be taken next week.

According to a statement issued regarding the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers ‘Conference at the NCOC. The Inter-Provincial Education Ministers’ Forum was briefed on the national, regional, and international situation on Corona’s spread.

However, In the meeting, the Secretary of National Health Service also presented his recommendations to the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference. The provincial ministers briefed him on the situation in the education sector of their respective provinces.

While Sources said that the meeting considered the winter schedule and considered extending the winter holidays from November to January.

The National Coordinating Committee will decide on the winter holidays next week, the meeting said.

On the other hand, Shafqat Mahmood says that the lives of children and teachers are most important to them. On November 23, the final decision regarding winter holidays and closure of schools will be taken.

Besides, The Federal Minister for Education said that the consultation and recommendations of the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference would be presented in the NCC today.

The Health Secretary said that all the ministers should prepare their recommendations in consultation with their respective health authorities before the next meeting.


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