Abdul Qadir Baloch and Sanaullah Zehri parted ways with the PML-N

Abdul Qadir Baloch and Sanaullah Zehri parted ways with the PML-N
Abdul Qadir Baloch and Sanaullah Zehri parted ways with the PML-N

Quetta: PML-N Balochistan President Lieutenant General (retd) Abdul Qadir Baloch has announced his separation from the party. In contrast, former Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has resigned from its Central Executive Committee.

Addressing the party workers’ convention, Abdul Qadir Baloch said that there were some incidents in the PDM meeting on which he thought of parting ways with the PML-N. We joined the N-League in 2010. We gave blood for the party in Balochistan. Despite 22 members, the party did not allow our Chief Minister to come. We still sacrificed Nawab Zehri gave the government to the National Party for two and a half years.

He said that Nawaz Sharif had not visited any place except Quetta and Gwadar in his five-year tenure. I was called a day before the meeting that Nawab Zehri would not come on stage. Nawab Zehri was the Chief of Jhalawan, a former Chief Minister and former PML-N president. Nawaz Sharif says that if the commander gives an order, he should look at the constitution. We swear that whatever the government orders, we will do. Nawaz Sharif’s statement could lead to a coup in the army. Nawaz Sharif incites against the army chief by name.

Sanaullah Zehri Former Chief Minister said Bite in nature of Nawaz Sharif,

While addressing the Workers Convention, he said that my martyrs’ status is much higher than politics and Nawaz Sharif. From the beginning, they were watching Nawaz Sharif’s indifference. Many Nawabs and Sardars of Balochistan said that no good thing was expected from Nawaz Sharif.

Similarly, Bite in nature of Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif did not spare his benefactors. Nawaz Sharif, what reward did you give for the goodness of General Jilani? General Zia’s son asked you for a National Assembly seat, but you did not provide it. Nawaz Sharif used me too. My son and nephew were martyred.

He said that Nawaz Sharif is working on Modi’s agenda, listening to Nawaz Sharif, Balochistan is ours. We live on Balochistan’s land. We do not ask for charity; we demand honor. I resign from the post of PML-N Central Committee, and the next political strategy will be announced soon. PML-N leader and former Senator Azam Reiki also announced his separation from PML-N. He said that PML-N would not get any official in Balochistan now. For PML-N, Sanaullah Zehri sacrificed his brother, son, and colleagues. Many workers, including provincial party leaders, attended the PML-N workers’ convention in Quetta.


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