One out of eight women in Pakistan is diagnosed with breast cancer

One out of eight women in Pakistan is diagnosed with breast cancer
One out of eight women in Pakistan is diagnosed with breast cancer

According to health experts, one out of every eight women in Pakistan is affected by breast cancer.

Experts said in the online webinar organized by the Dow University of Health Sciences in collaboration with the HEC and the Pink Ribbon Youth Awareness Program for Public Awareness of Breast Cancer that developed countries are at more risk of getting the disease.

But, the treatments are also 80% successful. In developing countries, the treatment is up to 60%. While in the underdeveloped like Pakistan, 40% of the time, the diseases can be cured.

The main reason for its low rate of treatment is lack of awareness among the people. Furthermore, the experts urge Pakistan to take necessary precaution against this disease.

Breast cancer can be a deadly disease, but experts said that it is treatable. The timely diagnosis of the life-taking disease is not just possible but easy to treat.

Life taking disease spreading.

This horrible disease is spreading fast around the world, and there are also public health problems in Pakistan.

According to the head of Breast Cancer Unit Civil Hospital Karachi Professor Farhat Jalil, this disease is the most common type of cancer in women. It is treated through surgery, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, and early diagnosis minimizes the harm and makes the treatment easy.

Women should have monthly self-examination after the age of 20. Assistant Professor Dr. Amima Saleem said that 2.1 million women affected by this hilarious disease every year in the world. 15% of deaths from cancer are caused by Breast Cancer.

In Pakistan, 23 out of every 100,000 women suffer from the disease. While in Afghanistan and India, it is 18 and 13, respectively.

The main reason of the webinar was to discuss how all facilities have provided for the victim patients in the Civil Hospital Karachi with the full support of the Sindh government.



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