Anam Malik quit modeling for the sake of Islam

Anam Malik quit modeling for the sake of Islam
Anam Malik quit modeling for the sake of Islam

The leading model of the Pakistan fashion industry Anam Malik, has decided to leave the world of modeling forever and live according to Islam’s religion. In this regard, former model Anam Malik shared a story on social networking site Instagram in which she addressed all her fans and said, “Thank you all for your encouragement and love for me wearing the hijab. ‘

“People ask me why I quit modeling and started wearing the hijab,” said Anam Malik.

However, She said, “Inshallah, I will definitely tell you all about this, and I will talk about my new journey very soon.”

While, The former model said, “Right now, it’s time for me to discover a lot of new things, to teach myself all that, and now I need more time for all these things.”

On the other hand, If we take a look at Anam Malik’s Instagram account, she has deleted all her modeling photos from Instagram, and at the moment, a few photos of her wearing hijab are on her account. On the other hand, Anam Malik has written in the bio of his Insta account that “Allah Almighty guides whom He wills.”

It should be noted that Anam Malik has worked with many famous brands and designers. She is one of the leading models in Pakistan while she gave birth to a daughter this year.


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