Babar top on Kohli in all formats of cricket

Babar crosses Kohli in all formats of cricket
Babar crosses Kohli in all formats of cricket

Virat Kohli the Indian Test captain, has dropped behind Pakistan team captain Babar Azam in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) batting rankings in all three forms of cricket.
Kohli was previously placed lower than Babar in the ODI and T20I rankings, but he dropped two positions to ninth place with 747 rating points when the new rankings were released.
The former Indian ODI and T20I captain scored 53 runs in the Centurion Test against South Africa despite averaging only 26.50.
Kohli was two places ahead of Babar, who moved up a rank to ninth place in the Test category with 750 rating points.
The Indian batter, in the ODI rankings, is at second place — a spot below Babar, who is at the top of the list. The Pakistan batter has 873 rating points, while Kohli has 844.
In the T20I rankings, Babar is sitting at the second spot, with 805 rating points, while Kohli is not even in the top 10. The Indian batter is at the 11th spot, with 657 rating points.


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