Babar has a golden opportunity to regain top T20 rankings

Babar crosses Kohli in all formats of cricket
Babar crosses Kohli in all formats of cricket

According to the news agency, the national cricket team captain. Babar Azam has a golden opportunity to become the number one batsman once again. After winning 3 T20 matches with the Zimbabwean cricket team, which visited Pakistan during the Coronavirus By beating the best batsmen, Babar Azam can be at the number one position.

In the three-match T20I series against Zimbabwe. Where Babar Azam’s position has been consolidated the national cricket team’s all-rounder Emad Wasim. Who is currently ranked eighth in the world, will also improve significantly.

David Milan of the English team is currently the world number one in cricket. The difference between him and Babar Azam is only 8 points. Babar Azam has been the number one batsman of T20 for two years before. Zimbabwe cricket team, Babar Azam, can regain his lost position by showing excellent performance against, for which he will have to perform well at all costs.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s T20 team is fourth in the world rankings, while Zimbabwe’s team is in the 11th position. If Pakistan’s T20 team performs well in the three-match T20 series against Zimbabwe, then the T20 cricket team. It can further improve its place in the world rankings.


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