Bangladesh Established The first madrassa for Transgender

Bangladesh: Established The first madrassa for Transgender
Bangladesh: Established The first madrassa for Transgender

Dhaka: The first madrassa has been set up in Bangladesh to introduce religious education to Transgender.

According to the World News Agency, for the first time in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, a madrassa called ‘Islamic Third Gender School’ has been opened for the third sex.

Besides compulsory Islamic education, English, technology, science, mathematics, and social sciences are taught. They will also be given to get decent jobs, but 150 adult eunuchs will initially be admitted.

According to figures from NGOs working for eunuchs in Bangladesh, the population of eunuchs in the country is around 1.5 million. Still, the government insists that there are only 50,000 citizens with education and training. Steps are being taken to teach skills so that this section of the society also proves useful for the community.

In Bangladesh, eunuchs are treated like second class citizens. But since 2013, eunuchs have been given the right to vote, and now other social rights are also being provided.


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