Biden elected the 46th President of the United States

Biden elected the 46th President of the United States
Biden elected the 46th President of the United States

Wellington, Daily. Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected President of the United States on Saturday, defeating President Trump after campaigning to restore civilization and stability in American politics and expand the government’s role in guiding the growing country. Coronavirus global outbreak.

After being called to Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden, who will become the 46th president and the oldest ever, received 273 votes from the Electoral College. However, many Democrats, Republicans, and Poulters won the race. The competition was close.

The result also provided a historic moment for Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris of California, who was the first and most colourful woman on the winning presidential ticket.

After unsuccessful bids in 1988 and 2008 and eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, with his third run for the White House. However, Mr. Biden finally achieved a goal he had set for decades. He dreamed of and used his career in national politics. It all started here in 1978 in the Senate race in Delaware. This year, he was sworn to support a diverse coalition of young voters, older voters, black Americans, and white college-educated voters, especially women.

Mr. Biden’s victory marked the end of an extraordinary election that was expected to affect the United States’ lives despite the epidemic.

Biden also won the popular vote

Mr. Biden also won the popular vote by almost three percentage points, and, with more than 74 million votes, Mr. Obama broke the 2012 vote record. Mr. Trump received more than 70 million votes – for more than the 63 million he received in 2016 when he defeated Hillary Clinton by a landslide.

Voters overcame fears of their coronavirus. long lines in the polls and the daunting challenges of a changed electoral system to decide on Mr. Trump’s chaotic and minor presidency. Mr. Trump was the first president since George HW to lose a re-election bid. Bush lost to Bill Clinton in 1992.

Trump’s campaign and Republican lawyers have already launched a large-scale legal attack to challenge Democratic votes and victories in crucial swing states, as part of a lengthy telegraph effort to question the election’s legitimacy. ۔

Mr. Trump, who declared a landslide victory early Wednesday, had regularly questioned the election’s legitimacy before the turnout in several states, as police had shown him to be backing down. It was not immediately clear how he would respond to Biden’s remarks. Victory.


Most of Biden’s agendas in the office can rely on his ability to work with Congress. Democrats have maintained their grip on the House, but they have an easy way to regain control of the Senate.


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