Britain’s exports to EU fall by 68% since Brexit

Britain's exports to EU fall by 68% since Brexit
Britain's exports to EU fall by 68% since Brexit

Britain’s exports to the European Union have fallen by 68% since the Brexit deal. According to the British Road Transporters Association (RHA).

In January 2021, the organization said after reviewing the statistics of trucks supplying goods from the UK to Europe via the Channel Tunnel and Ferry. The reason for the decline was not the global outbreak of COVID-19 but the British government’s Brexit.

A letter from the RHA’s chief executive to the British government says that because of Brexit Deal. Truck companies now have to fill out so much paperwork that they do not want to take goods out of the UK because in return the truck came empty.

And here in the UK, trucks like to return empty-handed.

He said exports from the UK to Europe had fallen by 68 percent in January due to paperwork and delays.

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of customs personnel deployed at the ports 5 times if the policy is not changed in this regard.


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