British man survives 43 Covid19 attacks

Seventy-two-year-old Dave Smith from Bristol
Seventy-two-year-old Dave Smith from Bristol

According to a report of Khaleej Times, a British man tests positive for coronavirus 43 times, for 10 straight months.
Seventy-two-year-old Dave Smith from Bristol kept testing positive for the virus for consecutive 10 months which is termed as the longest recorded case of the Covid19.
Meanwhile revealing his health history during this situation in an interview with BBC, Smith claimed that he was being hospitalized seven times because of it.
His wife, Linda, said, “There were a lot of times when we did not think he was going to pull through. It has been a hell of a year,” while Smith said that he had made plans for his funeral too.
“I had resigned myself, I had called the family in, made my peace with everybody, said goodbye,” he told BBC television.


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