Bullet recovered from Arshad Sharif’s body, Post-Mortem in Kenya becomes suspicious

Bullet recovered from Arshad Sharif's body, Post-Mortem in Kenya becomes suspicious
Bullet recovered from Arshad Sharif's body, Post-Mortem in Kenya becomes suspicious

The recovery of a bullet from the body of journalist and senior TV anchor Arshad Sharif, who was killed in Kenya, during the post-mortem in Pakistan has surprised the authorities and made the post-mortem in Nairobi suspicious.

According to a Dawn newspaper report, during the post-mortem of Arshad Sharif at Pims Hospital in Islamabad, the medical board members found a ‘piece of metal’ which was later declared to be a bullet.

Sources told Dawn that the authorities have decided to conduct a forensic examination of the metal fragment recovered from Arshad Sharif’s chest, which they hope will help in definitively determining the nature of the weapon used in the incident can be found.

According to the sources, the 8-member medical board of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), which conducted the post-mortem on Arshad Sharif’s body on October 26, handed over the fragment to the police for further investigation. The house is considered to be an important link for the progress in the investigation of the mysterious murder.

Sources associated with the investigation said that “this piece of metal is actually a bullet, it is surprising that the autopsy of Arshad Sharif’s body in Nairobi left it inside the body”.

According to sources, according to SOPs, bullets are never left inside the body after a post-mortem and its recovery casts doubt on the post-mortem conducted by the authorities in Nairobi.

He said that the bullet has now been removed from the body and handed over to the investigators for forensic examination. can

He said that now the weapon is in Kenya and the bullet is in Pakistan until they are brought to one place it will be a difficult task to match the bullet with the weapon.

Giving further details, he said that the post-mortem revealed that Arshad Sharif was shot in the chest and head and the wound on the chest indicated that the shots were fired from behind and from close range.

He said that there is a bullet wound in the front part of the body from where a bullet fired from behind had exited, a slight black mark was found around the bullet wound on the back which can only be in this case. When the bullet is fired from a distance of 4 feet or less.



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