Dr. Maha shah case, the accused were reluctant to get DNA

Dr. Maha shah case, the accused were reluctant to get DNA
Dr. Maha shah case, the accused were reluctant to get DNA

After exhumation, abuse of Maha shah was revealed, DNA of the accused has not been taken yet

According to the details, the alleged suicide case of Dr. Maha was heard in the court of Judicial Magistrate South. During the hearing, the investigating officer presented a report according to which the 3 accused are reluctant to give samples. The investigation of the case could not be completed. After which the deadline for submission of the final challan was again sought.

The court granted the petition of the investigating officer and gave him time to file the final challan. The court said in its statement that the DNA of the three accused in the case could not be found yet. Notice to the accused to appear. The investigating officer said in his statement that notices have been sent to Waqas and Junaid four times while the accused Nasir Siddiqui has been summoned once. He said that the accused were not appearing in the court despite the notices, while the investigating officer assured that they would present the final challan after getting the DNA of the accused.

It should be noted that Dr. Maha Shah, who committed suicide in Karachi. The alleged abuse was also revealed before the suicide. Investigators said that Dr. Maha’s grave was exhumed in Mirpur Khas.

The medical board conducted an autopsy on Dr. Maha. Dr. Maha was allegedly raped before committing suicide. An autopsy revealed the DNA of a man. Investigators say the DNA of seven suspects in the case will be obtained. The DNA sample has not been given yet. After getting the DNA of the accused, the final challan has to be submitted. Samples from Dr. Maha’s body are in the Jamshoro laboratory.

The DNA tests of the accused will be done in the Jamshoro laboratory. Dr. Maha’s death had been declared a suicide. However, after the initial medical report, fears arose that the bullet Leaving from the left, came out from the right, after which the incident was called murder.


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