Confirmation of Saudi Foreign Minister’s visit to Pakistan

Confirmation of Saudi Foreign Minister's visit to Pakistan
Confirmation of Saudi Foreign Minister's visit to Pakistan

Saudi minister to visit Pakistan next month with the delegation, construction of oil refinery and other important agreements are likely to be reached

Confirmation of the Saudi Foreign Minister’s visit to Pakistan, the Saudi Minister will visit Pakistan with a delegation next month in January, construction of an oil refinery and other important agreements are likely to be reached. According to details, significant progress has been made in the relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. It has been confirmed that a high-level delegation from Saudi Arabia will visit Pakistan in January next year.

The delegation will be led by the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia. Accompanied by the Saudi Foreign Minister, officials of several Saudi companies will also visit Pakistan. It has been reported that the establishment of an oil refinery worth 9 9 billion will be discussed with Saudi Arabia, next month the two countries will discuss investment in the oil and gas sectors. The visit of the Saudi delegation to Pakistan is of utmost importance. During the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to Pakistan, there will be practical progress on the multi-billion dollar investment announcements, finalization of multi-billion dollar projects, and early construction activities. Will be increased from the beginning.

On the other hand, according to media sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa will also visit Arab countries in the coming days. As the new year begins, the great news is coming from the house of God. Presenting the analysis on a private TV channel, well-known journalist Sabir Shakir said that a clear message has come from Saudi Arabia that we have no favorites. The impression that we have a favorite should disappear. Of course, we have a relationship but we have no favorite. The Saudi government is ready to move with the times. Our relationship with the government is with time, ready to establish a working relationship. There were rumors that Nawaz Sharif has the support of Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia has also made it clear that we are behind Nawaz Sharif.

Journalist Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain, who was present on the occasion, said that in the coming days, Pakistan’s top civil and military leadership is going to make important foreign trips despite fears of spreading the virus. Great news will come from one country. There will be very good news regarding, some things that will be reviewed between the two countries.


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