Couple’s controversial video stirs a new debate

Couple's controversial video stirs a new debate
Couple's controversial video stirs a new debate

#ArrestUsmanMirza is trending top on Twitter as the social media users view that only arrest is not enough, asking the law enforcement agencies to ensure he is not released and is taken to justice.
The horrific videos of Usman Mirza intimidating the girl and boy have shaken up Twitter and once again stirred a debate on social media regarding the safety of women in society.
Meanwhile, the social media users demand stricter punishments for Usman Mirza and swift justice for the victims spotted in the video being beaten by the assailants.
On the other hand, as per the police statement, the videos are few months old. According to the reports, Usman Mirza is a businessman who runs a car showroom in Islamabad. After recording their videos, Usman Mirza, allegedly blackmailed the couple and took money from the boy. The report says, he even raped the girl as well.
A source privy to the development on the condition of anonymity told Pak Affairs that Usman Mirza was a self-proclaimed head of a gang active in different sectors of Islamabad.
The source revealed that it was not the first time; saying that many other couples in past have also been humiliated and filmed in past. The source claimed that a security guard in E-11/2 was the informer of this gang who gave Usman Mirza and his gang regular information.


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