Criticism on Mehwish Hayat’s photoshoot backfired on Amir Liaquat

Criticism on Mehwish Hayat's photoshoot backfired on Amir Liaquat
Criticism on Mehwish Hayat's photoshoot backfired on Amir Liaquat

Karachi: Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf National Assembly member and host Amir Liaquat Hussain criticized actress Mehwish Hayat’s photoshoot, but was slammed by social media users.

Mahesh Hayat recently shared a photo of her photoshoot on social media and described herself as a strong woman facing difficulties and obstacles. While social media users praised Mehwish Hayat for sharing the photo, Aamir Liaquat criticized him.

Aamir Liaquat Hussain shared this picture of Mahesh Hayat on his social media account and wrote in a poetic manner, “Call you Tamgha or Naghma or Suraj or Tara. How will your name shine in two bright jugs? ”

On this post of Aamir Liaqat, social media users criticized him and said that all you should do is leave Amir Bhai, daughter, son and wife and you should also get the medal of distinction. Some people advised him to keep his job. While some people just followed him.

A user wrote that this person used to be my idol, but now he has lost his dignity. Some people said that some are ashamed, some are ashamed. However, Mehwish Hayat did not respond to Aamir Liaquat’s remarks.

It should be noted that even before this, there have been several skirmishes between Aamir Liaquat and Mehwish Hayat. Aamir Liaquat had criticized Mehwish for dancing during the awards show and questioned his medal of distinction. Once upon a time, Aamir Liaquat had sharply criticized Mehwish Hayat due to a scene in the movie “Load Wedding”.


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